Flashback Friday

I just love little boys in Super Hero costumes.  Here Joseph and Jordan are once again in the many costumes they would wear throughout a day.  Joseph was REALLY REALLY into Spiderman at this time!!!

Joseph showing Jordan how to shoot a web

Sweet Brothers

Showing us the “upside down Spiderman kiss” pose

Yet another day with my little Super Heroes

Hard to believe they’ve grown up sooo fast!!!!

These 2 are such good buddies and remind me of how Elijah and Morgan would dress up in their Hero cloths too.  Some days I would not know who or what Morgan was as many times he would wear multiple costumes and make up a new character.  It was always best to just ask him who he was that morning so that I wouldn’t offend him and call him the wrong name!  Every now and then I would run errands to the grocery store with my Super Heroes in tow and the older brothers would cry ‘fowl’ and say they were embarrassing them.  I would remind Elijah and Morgan that they too did the exact thing and I let them go all over town in costume, capes, magic boots and all so I was going to do the same thing with Joseph and Jordan. They grow up all too fast and Mommy wanted to let their creativity and imagination run as high as it could go.

And off they go to fight crime and defend their Mommy!!

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. i love your blog Stephanie! Beautiful, funny pictures of your sweet family. I hope you don’t mind me following your blog, feel free to visit Amelia’s. All the best from our family to yours 🙂


    • We love you and Powers and little London too and oh Felicity I mean Charity no Melody that’s not it, Celissaty??? Oh, Serenity!!!!:) Thanks for commenting I love hearing from you!


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