Good Friday Bowling

With all of our business of running off to baseball, soccer, tennis, my work, Trey’s traveling and kids school we decided to let them skip school on Good Friday so that we could have one big family fun day before Daddy had to fly off to Japan on Easter morning.  The kids have been begging to go bowling so that was the BIG surprise thing we did. We also headed over to Mark’s Outdoors, Books-a-million and Chick-filet for a late lunch.  They had a blast bowling!!  We paid for 2 games each but we soon found out it took quite some time for 6 to 7 people to play an entire game.  We finally stopped when we were half way through the second round as children started dropping out of their turn to bowl and everyone was getting hungry too.

I have no idea what they’re doing here but they sure are happy!

Thank you Daddy for a fantastic Family Fun Day!!!  We love you!!!!

Gotcha caught in the act of being tender.

Oh Mom don’t love on me, I’m so embarrassed!!!

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