This morning we went to Morgan’s Awards ceremony in his class room.  He was so excited!! Trey and Morgan had a deal that if he got all A’s the whole year then he would get $50.oo!!  Morgan was a little nervous these last few weeks of school due to a couple of low scores on some test.  He thought he might be getting all A’s and one B.  I felt so bad for him because he really has put in a lot of effort and I wanted him to get all A’s as much as he did.  So off to the Awards presentation we went not knowing if he’d get A-Honors  or A/B-Honors.  When we walked into the room Morgan spotted us and gave Trey a subtle hint by rubbing his thumb and fingers in the air and mouthing, “Fifty Bucks” with a grin from ear to ear!!!  He did it, ALL A’s for our boy Morgan!!!    

Mrs. Smith giving Morgan his medal

Checking out the engraving

One happy All A's boy!

Jordan so happy for Morgan

His class voted him "Funniest" student 🙂

Way to go Morgan!! All A's in 4th grade!!!

Such a sweet teacher, Mrs. Smith

Morgan and Friends

2 thoughts on “ALL A’s

  1. Morgan, I am so proud of you I’m sitting here crying! What a FANTASTIC JOB! I simply can’t compliment you enough for your perseverance, dedication and plain HARD WORK!!! I’m not going to tell PawPaw about this, but will let him read about and see these photos that your wonderful Mom took of this special ocassion! Accomplishing this goal says a lot about you, Morgan, but also speaks of the support that your family has given you. GOOD JOB!!! I know God is so pleased with you too! =o)


  2. He did awesome!!! That is all A’s for the ENTIRE YEAR not just this quarter or semester. It was an all or nothing deal and he really did great.


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