Dressy Boy

If I had a living biological daughter I wonder if she would look a little like this?  Would she have my blue eyes or would Trey’s dominate brown prevail? Would she have freckles and fair hair or brown and olive skin?

Jordan decided to put on Mary’s dress and run out to the living room to SHOCK his Daddy and boy/girl did it work!!!

After a few squills and screams of delight, big brothers laughing, Mary saying “Umm Jordan is that my dress!” and Jordan ever so pleased with his prank,  he ran away to undress the dress.

Somewhere along the way he decided his dress wearing days were over and pleaded as you see in this shot, “NO no no don’t put me on the internet!!!!”.

Oh sweety this is too good NOT to go on Mommy’s Blog!!!  I’ll pay for your therapy later.