Dinner Pictures

You know it’s been a while since your last worthy home cooked meal when upon placing the four-hour cooked roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, cantaloupe and tea onto the table and your child request, “Take a picture, take a picture this looks soooo goood!!!”.   It’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner nor is it a special occasion meal when we usually do indeed take a picture of the family with all the glorious fixings laid out before us, it’s just Thursday night and we don’t have any baseball practices or games to go to!!!!  This time of year we are constantly running out the door to either one of them and at times eating in shifts.  I guess Jordan felt like it was a special occasion that we were all sitting down together eating a well prepared meal. He was quite persistent for me to get up and go get my camera before we ate!!!

Thank you Jordan for reminding us how important home cooked sit down meals are to this family!

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