Flashback Fridays

If you know me or are getting to know me then one thing you know is that I take lots of pictures,  LOTS and LOTS!!!!!   I have a ton of pictures of my older ones on film (PRE-Digital) and way back then I scrapbooked.  You know. . . the cutting out of  pictures and paper, stickers, ribbon, cute mats and journalism. I have book after book for Elijah and Morgan and a couple for Joseph and then life just got a bit crazy!!  So now that I am a bit more computer savvy we have the Blog to capture and record our happenings.   Anyways, we do have a bunch of older pictures that are just precious and I’d love to share with everyone so I am starting  Flashback Fridays  where I will post old photos of the boys when they were babies or toddlers and older Christmas’, Birthdays, vacations.  There will even be photos of Mary as a baby thanks to the wonderful CD her Foster Mother sent us.  We are forever grateful for her sharing those with us and it is a treasure to Mary.   So tune in on Fridays for some oldie but goodies!! 

Hot Springs, Arkansas   February 2006 



We went to Hot Springs with the South Mississippi Jeep Club. We were once very active with the Jeep Club, the boys spent many hours in garages with Trey working under Jeeps. It was great father-son time and I am so thankful Trey is such a hands on Daddy. 


We rented a tiny  KOA cabin for the 6 of us and when we awoke there was SNOW!!! 



Yes, this is Joseph with his beautiful blond locks!!!    I so miss them!!!! 


Sweet toothless Morgan 

Standing in front of our cabin

Trey's truck back then


We dug some boxes out of a dumpster, pulled over when we found a some-what steep hill and had a blast box sledding!!!! 


Elijah about to take out Morgan

Daddy sledding with the boys

Mahem about to break loose on hotel bed!!!