Mother’s Day

Flowers from Elijah


Handmade gifts & favorite candy from kiddosFill in the blank letters written from your child's perspective are always quite unique and definately wonderful keepsakes. I have never made a banana pie in my whole life!! Trey cooked EVERYTHING!!! Steaks, corn, Buck's beans!!!


A letter from Joseph


Our Fabulous Mother's Day meal!! Steaks, corn,bread, Buck's beans!!!


Grammy and Pawpaw were in for the weekend which was wonderful! They were able to see a couple of baseball games, Mom and I shopped some, Dad enjoyed shooting skeet with Trey in a 4 man competition. They came in 3rd place!! Not too bad for a few of the men hadn’t even shot clay disc . . . Ever!  We enjoyed Dairy Queen treats which is always a must do when Pawpaw is in town.   It was a short time together but an enjoyable time.  The kids of course didn’t want them to leave. While they were here Jordan revealed his plan to take all his stuff and go live with Grammy if  Daddy and Mommy died. He had it all planned out quite well as if he had mulled it over for a while. The only thing he didn’t like was that Grammy and Pawpaw don’t have a basement garage to store the Jeep and golf cart  which of course went with him!

They do not fall far from the tree


They are my Blessings!


Mary's new dress Pawpaw picked out


Going for a quick ride around the neighborhood


Saying goodbye to Pawpaw


Bye Grammy, thanks for the new shoes!!!


Don't Leave we love you!!!!