You could say I’m an advocate to co-sleeping or perhaps a victim.

When Daddy is out-of-town I always have a bed fella. When it is a long trip they all get a turn but sometimes I have late night stragglers that some how end up in bed.

First Morgan had a reserved spot but then Joseph couldn’t sleep so after trying to sleep on the couch he joined us. Around 1:00 a.m. I was awoken by Jordan crying from a nightmare and I ended up bringing him to bed.

I managed to hang onto the far end of the bed until 4:40 a.m. when I got up to wake up Elijah to go turkey hunting with a friend. Today was the last day of turkey season. No luck this year. I slipped back into bed until 6:00 a.m. when it was time to rouse the other two for school. Joseph has a field trip today and it’s Friday so they were more easily persuaded to get up and ready.

Now you know why I occasionally need that 3:00p.m coffee!  I sometimes just want the bed all to myself  when the aroma of a pee filled pull-up hits me but there is nothing sweeter than a little guy snuggled tight against you with their little arm around your neck and they let out a unconcious giggle as they dream.


Today was a beautiful day to be out playing  SOCCER.  My little Lions ages 4 and 5 years had a fabulous game. They scored so many times we lost count. We officially do not keep score but Hey I’m the coach and the kiddos were hot today!!!  I really have no idea how many times Jordan scored (he’s a natural and says he never wants to stop playing soccer), I know at least 4 some say 6 he says 8.  Little Miss Mary scored her first goal too which was amazing!! She had an opportunity earlier and it was incredible as she gave it a power kick to the goal only to veer slightly left. Oh! I thought that was a goal but all was well as she ended up getting another chance. Everyone on the team scored at least once except for one little fella that was having a hard enough time staying on his feet, but he did get lots of kicks on the ball and several great sprints down the field but just couldn’t get one in the net.  This is my first time Coaching soccer ever and it’s been lots of fun. We have one more practice and then our last game on Sunday.  We’ll have a short awards ceremony immediately after the game with popsicle, soccer goody bags and medals. 🙂 I’ll run them all over the field then get them hyped up on sugar and send them home!!!  I’ll post action shots soon!!

the Bachelor

I had an interesting talk with Jordan, it went something like this:

Jordan: I don’t wanna get married (he says with a pout)!

Me: You don’t, why not?

Jordan: Do I have to get married when I’m a man?

Me: No, you don’t have to get married.

Interrupted by Morgan who says: You can be a Bachelor.

Jordan: What’s a Bachelor?

Morgan: A Bachelor is a man that’s not married and hangs out with his guy friends and has his own dog and a really nice car.

Me: (thinking) most men long for that and it’s a very accurate description from a 10 year old 🙂

Sweet Sixteen

As most of you know we are considered a large family for todays standards. We get asked often if they are all ours and if we are going to have/adopt anymore to which we say we don’t know but would welcome more. To that we get wide-eyed responses and statements of  how we must be rich and have lots of patience. Yes, we are rich just not in the US dollar way and we are constantly reminding ourselves that patience is a Virtue. Having lots of children around is just something we have come to embrace and enjoy having our children’s friends over. We love that they love to come play at our house.  Well, Spring is in the air and yesterday evening it brought a gaggle of children to our house. . . Sixteen to be exact!!!   Oh my goodness we looked like the “His, Hers and Ours” family!  There were children running EVERYWHERE!!! There were games of all kinds going on. There was wall ball, several different basketball games, scooter riding, bicycle riding, playing in tree house,  fort building, walking in creek, throwing stones in creek, slide sliding, matchbox car races, skate boarding, throwing tennis ball with Lulu, popcorn eating, trampolining and children running all over the yard!! It was wild!!! We had passing cars come nearly to a complete halt as I’m sure they were wondering “What’s up with that house?”. It was great:) Trey played basketball with the boys for a long time and I provided snacks and was on general look out patrol. When the sun started going down we loaded up the trailer with the 16 plus 2 adults and made our way to drop off the kids that lived at the front of the neighborhood and then home again dropping off kids along the way. It was a fun-filled Sunday evening. So our 16 returned to 5 once we were home again and we ushered them all through the tubs and showers and then a light late dinner before bed. 

 While our crew did go down we have dear friends, The Miller’s whose family has grown quite rapidly and unexpectedly through Foster Care. Their family of 4 has now grown to a family of 8 this past week. We so encourage them and love them for stepping out and being open to receive these sweet ones into their home. The children are safe and being loved unconditionally at the Miller’s. I couldn’t image a more suitable home for any child, in fact our 2 oldest stayed 2 weeks with them while we were in Poland getting Mary.  They are showing God’s love to these children in sooo many ways. Please pray for the Miller’s and all the adjustments and newness of this family and for their sanity as Lady Miller says she must be on a fast tract to crazy town! Yes girlfriend you are crazy but in a good way! We love you!!!

What do you see?

Good day everyone! As you can see I have been tweaking my Blog and let me tell you it has Not been fun! Webmasters, blog makeovereers, wordprocessors deserve every penny they make. One, you have to understand what all these stinkin initials mean in laying out a blog page and then you have to know how to go about to place the fun fluff around your blog all of which I do not know. I could probably get any 13 year old to whip me out a mega awesome blog design! So after spending nearly all day working on the new theme and extras it still is not the way I want it. Sooo frustrated that my Flickr badge is still not showing up even after I have done everystep that it says for me to do to have it on my sidebar. UGGG!!! I asked Trey to pull it up on his computer so I could show off and low and behold it shows flowers as the backdrop which makes it difficult to read the script. On my computer I have a dark brown backdrop with flowers only showing at the tip top and bottom, so I have a request for you. Can you send me a comment as to whether you are seeing flowers and can you read the text okay or is it difficult to read or if you see a brown background? I will NOT be spending so much time on it today as I just have to get laundry done so hopefully after I get some commenters I will know what to do about the background. Thanks peeps!!!

Daddy Come Home!

Daddy had to go out-of-town um State um Country um many time zones um Continent for business and was gone for a whole week.  Daddy went to JAPAN!!!!! He was so excited and had a wonderful time there even though he eventually got blisters on his feet for walking so far around Tokyo. He had all kinds of adventures while he was away in Japan and would tell Mommy all about them via Facebook on-line and emails so we only talked by phone 3 times for less than 5 minutes. He took taxis and buses and trains and subway and small plane and big jumbo planes during his trip. He brought back some really cool Japanese stuff too. He brought back  wooden Samari swords for the boys and tiny shoes and little dolls for Mary. For Mommy a really ornate Komona, pottery from the Fish Market, a neat block of wood. For the family more pottery and chop sticks and all kinds of crazy foreign snacks like tiny smoked shrimp and teeny tiny fish and Gorilla buggers! Don’t ask you really don’t want to know! Daddy had all of us taste them one by one which lead up to Morgan hurling into the toilet! For real!! We really missed Daddy and wanted to show him just how much we missed him and couldn’t wait for him to come back to us! We love you Daddy!!!

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Easter Sunday


Happy Easter from the Garrett Family!

How did I get such big smiles on the 1st photo? Oh that’s easy,  just had Lulu licking off my ankles and shins! I guess she liked my lotion.  Today was a beautiful day indeed. The kiddos awoke late and enjoyed discovering their Easter baskets full of goodies. The long-lost monkey bread was found and devoured for breakfast then it was off to get dressed for church. Worship and taking of communion was extra special this day. Once we were home again it was time for an egg hunt with the eggs Mamaw and Pawpaw had sent. They  hunted the eggs then took turns hiding and hunting them over and over again while Mama cooked lunch. We had a late lunch and then some read their new books while others hunted eggs some more or blew bubbles. By late afternoon a nap was calling so Mary, Mommy and Jordan slept while the older ones read and then watched TV. It was a much needed rest! Once we were rested we painted eggs (better late than never). There will be another egg hunt tomorrow with the newly painted eggs.  It was a very lovely day all in all. It was a fun-filled day but we paced ourselves, we were not in any hurry to do anything which is usually not the case for us. Several times I heard “This is the best Easter ever!!!. . .  if Daddy were here.” We are missing Daddy very much as he is away on business.  Just as our children long for their Daddy to come home we too long for our Heavenly Father’s return. Thank you Jesus for sacrificing all for us. HE IS RISEN!!!!