And then he was 5


My baby, my BABY BOY, my last baby boy out of  four baby boys is now FIVE!!!!   And isn’t he the cutest newest Five year old!!!!

Here is our regular Monday night dinner destination as it is  $.99  Kids Meal Night, so we celebrated Jordan’s 5th Birthday here with



Kids Meals

Brothers acting cool with balloons & Mr. Russ

Birthday Boy with Elijah and Daddy

Mommy with Birthday Boy & big brother

There were lots of great gifts for this super happy fiver!

Oh sooo Suprised!!!!

Awe shucks Elijah!!!

And a puppy too!!

Puppy from Morgan he named him Jesse

Farrett he named Percy Jackson!

He scored big with 3 new swim shirts. He was thrilled to have these super cool shirts just like Joseph got for his birthday:)

Oh there was so much joy and excitement  for this little man

New Bath toys!

$20 Buckaroos from Grammy & Pawpaw

What could it be?!

Score!!! Remote Control Car!!

It's My Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Five year old Jordan!!! We sure do love you!!!!!!

Hold on “Percy Jackson” you’re in for a wild ride!!!