Fake Bake

Last night I got quite a surprise when Jordan came to me with a sad look and bright red face. Oh no!!! how can he get so sick so fast??? I felt his rosy cheeks and forehead and chest but he had no heat whatsoever. Why then is he so rosy? He hasn’t been running around or anything but as you can see he definitely has bright red cheeks!

So into the bathroom we went so I could get a better look in brighter lights. Once in the bathroom Jordan says, ” Oh, I got fever”. Hmmmmm fever is it. I pause to study his face and survey the counter tops as well. He suddenly giggles and smiles from ear to ear and changes his story to “No, I got sunburn!!”.  All righty kid the gig is up where did you put the thing that gave you that ‘sunburn’?

He immediately retrieved the “sunburn/fever” maker and then demonstrated exactly how he got his sunny glow. Oh goodness what a character I have here.  Mary  looked on wondering “why does he get to wear makeup and I don’t?!” so Mommies makeup rules were retold AGAIN!!!!  To be completely honest I was just relieved that I wouldn’t be up all night with an aching feverish child:)

2’s Better than 1

Couple time is not lacking here at the Garrett house.  You can always find someone or thing to cuddle up with. 

Naps are always better when you have a warm body nuzzled next to you.

And movie watching is more memorable and just in case less scary if you have your buddy nearby

Floors are always softer when you have your own living pillow

Sometimes you just need a soft lovey to bring you sweet dreams

Yes, cuddle time is the prefered past time here

Whether it is Daddy and dog, brother and brother, mother and child, doggy and alligator or many more combinations

you can always find two of someone and/or something cuddled, snuggled and loved by another:)

And then he was 5


My baby, my BABY BOY, my last baby boy out of  four baby boys is now FIVE!!!!   And isn’t he the cutest newest Five year old!!!!

Here is our regular Monday night dinner destination as it is  $.99  Kids Meal Night, so we celebrated Jordan’s 5th Birthday here with



Kids Meals

Brothers acting cool with balloons & Mr. Russ

Birthday Boy with Elijah and Daddy

Mommy with Birthday Boy & big brother

There were lots of great gifts for this super happy fiver!

Oh sooo Suprised!!!!

Awe shucks Elijah!!!

And a puppy too!!

Puppy from Morgan he named him Jesse

Farrett he named Percy Jackson!

He scored big with 3 new swim shirts. He was thrilled to have these super cool shirts just like Joseph got for his birthday:)

Oh there was so much joy and excitement  for this little man

New Bath toys!

$20 Buckaroos from Grammy & Pawpaw

What could it be?!

Score!!! Remote Control Car!!

It's My Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Five year old Jordan!!! We sure do love you!!!!!!

Hold on “Percy Jackson” you’re in for a wild ride!!!