Reading Log Wipeout

Oh our dear Joseph just hasn’t reached the level of loving to read like his older brothers. It is hard to find Elijah and Morgan without a book in hand and it is hard to find Joseph without his spiral notebook drawing some new adventure or writing a story but when it comes to reading he just doesn’t slow down for it. This night it was very late and he still had not read the required short book for his reading log so after a bath, pj’s, and cloths laid out he got comfy in our bed to read. I had him read out loud as I picked up things and it wasn’t long before the air was silent and I saw this

and of course I had to get a picture so that I would have proof

that even though he hasn’t found his love of reading (he’s an illustrator)

he still did or attempted to do his reading log:)

but I think he’ll have to finish Breakfast for Bear at breakfast!