Winter Wonder Wish

You know you’re a Southerner when you are actually hoping for a hefty amount of snowfall like this

The snowfall last year was wonderful, they said the most the area has had in 9 years so we would really be suprised to have another white day like this

But look how much delight this snowfall brought

I know many of you are well over the freezing temperatures and being snowed in and without power is no fun winter wonderland but for my Southern family a snow day here is pure joy! See:)

Some of the best parts about having snow is all the memories the children share together for years to come and for my crew they especially enjoy coming back inside to thaw out and change into soft warm pajamas that have been warming in the dryer then having hot cocoa and cuddling up in their favorite blankies to watch either more snow fall or it slowly melt away. Last year we even got to share our Southern Snow with Grammy (originally from Pennsylvania) who drove up for the weekend. She definately does not miss the PA snow!


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