Just Because

Our friend Mrs. Angie makes wonderful cakes for baby showers, birthdays and pretty much any celebrations. We were visiting for a play date and she had some leftover icing which she generously gave to Jordan. He was so excited and wanted to make a cake immediately. At first he said it was for his friend Andrew but then decided it was his birthday cake but I assured him it wouldn’t last till March and that it would be better for us to eat it now. He made it pretty much all by himself too.

He poured, he stirred, he cracked all the eggs, he frosted, he sprinkled, he picked the candle.

He said he wants a green cake for his birthday and that he wants a swimming birthday this year. He has already picked out some floaties and a floatation vest at Academy Sports for this swimming birthday!  Perhaps Trey will have to go to a meeting somewhere where we can all go and stay at a hotel with a swimming pool for this special boys Swimming Birthday!!!

As for now Jordan had a fun time making this Just Because cake, sometimes you just need cake:)


As most of you know, Trey has become quite the hunter this year providing our family and many others with deer meat and wild boar meat. One of the favorite things to make with the deer is home made jerky. We have been doing it in our smoker and sometimes putting in the oven some more but it just isn’t getting dry enough so a good bit of it molds before we can eat it. So we finally got a Dehydrator!!!! Trey is so excited too. We first tried a batch of fruit which thrilled the kiddos as they got to slice them up and put them on the trays. Yeah for healthy snacks!!! We even have a pan to do our own fruit roll ups!! all we have to do is puree the fruit(s) of our choice and let it go:) The bananas didn’t turn out too good this first go round they ended up being tiny black disk that the kids wouldn’t get near. Maybe we should have read the helpful recipe directions first?  We’ll keep you posted on the jerky results.