Take a Hike

No this isn’t a Get Lost post to my viewers. . . we really went hiking.  Saturday was a gorgeous day so after Trey opened the garage for bike repair and maintenance we loaded them all up (bikes and kids) and headed to Oak Mountain State Park. The boys have been asking forever to go to the BMX track there. The track was full of riders on this beautiful Fall day. They all spent some time doing the track, even Mommy and Daddy took their turn racing the boys and I must gloriously declare that I beat my trash talking Mom bashing 11-year-old!  One point for the Mom who hasn’t sat on her bike in well over a year:)  Of course he proclaimed “cheater” but the truth is just skill baby, skill! After doing the track we ventured into the canopy of changing Fall leaves. Mary decided to hike it and so off we went discovering the trails, bridges and jumps made from logs, branches, 2X4’s.  The boys loved going over the bridges with water. Trey and I enjoyed watching the children enjoying the outdoors and their chatter of what we’ll do next time we come back and what would be really cool to do. The park is really nice I don’t know why we don’t go more often.  I of course eyed photo shoot options after options and was thrilled to come to a bridge where I could get a nice shot or two unfortunately my battery was DEAD so I was only able to get one shot, it isn’t the greatest but it’s all I my poor tired battery could handle.

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving morning Trey, Elijah and Morgan returned from their short hunting trip without any deer. The younger kiddos decorated our homemade table runner with thier Thanksgiving art. They had a great time doing so and we had a one of a kind table decor. We had a table full of food that was enjoyed by all. Trey’s fried turkeys were soo delicious! We enjoyed our meal and then relaxed watching    sleeping  while the Cowboys played. There were lots of games played in the front yard and fun around the fire pit as well.  We hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving with the ones you love, we sure did!

TV’s new home

Well we have been in a dilema for quite a while now over our family room design. We have looked for new furniture with no conclusion on buying anything and the task has mainly been frustrating due to our family room layout. Ya see we have our front door, two tall windows, the stairs, the fire place, a column, an opening to the kitchen and a window opening to the kitchen. We basically don’t have any walls for furniture placement oh and then there is the TV console which we swap back and forth from one corner to the space between the two windows.  To help our future furniture have a better home we decided to get our TV a new spot. The result is more than I expected thanks to Mr. Keith and Trey’s fabulous talents!  Now that our TV is up and out of the way the room is nearly a blank canvas for our future napping spots. For now we have only the one couch and the kids actually really love all the wide open space to romp and stomp. Perhaps we’ll just get a few big pillows for the floor and call it a day!

Pumpkin Carving

Joseph had been asking and asking to carve pumpkins so the night finally arrived for this fun activity. Little did we know how grossed out and troubled Joseph and Jordan would be about actually scooping out the pumpkin seeds. I’m not so sure we will be carving next year! Anyways after the guts were out Joseph drew and carved his pumpkin all by himself.  Everyone really did have fun carving and even more fun seeing their pumpkin glow with the candles inside.  Trey really enjoyed making his vomiting pumpkin!!!