10/50 Birthday Boys

Morgan and PawPaw celebrated their birthdays together by going on a wild hog/boar hunt hence the dead piggies on the birthday cake. Yes, it is a bit odd for a Birthday cake theme but hey I’m sure it is one they won’t forget!!! This is an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. The hunt was not as successful as they had wished. Trey shot a huge hog the day prior of the group hunt but for some reason the hogs didn’t come out for Morgan and PawPaw. We celebrated with the suprise cake and presents. Morgan recieved a Cubs necklace that all the ball players are wearing, a Star Wars guy, Southern Miss T-shirt from us, the Fusion scooter from Grammy and PawPaw and his wish come true of a real leather coat from PawPaw and Mamaw in Texas.  He is a very blessed 10 year old! We gave Pawpaw a fishing shirt, fishing lures & gun cleaning kit. Grammy gave him a new electronic Yatzee game. I love that Morgan always gets to celebrate his birthday with his Pawpaw since he was born on Pawpaw’s B-day on 9/27/99.  I have always looked forward to their special Birthday trips (Fishing/Hunting no doubt) they would take together and this was the 1st year for that to happen. 🙂  Happy Birthday !!! Birthday Boys!!! We love you so very much!!!DSC_2472DSC_2475DSC_2477DSC_2482DSC_2480DSC_2483DSC_2485DSC_2486DSC_2488DSC_2490DSC_2491DSC_2493DSC_2495DSC_2529DSC_2527

Pumpkin Painting

Mary and Jordan had a wonderful time painting pumpkins and having lunch at MOPS (Mother’s of Pre-schoolers).  It is Fall Ya’ll!!!!DSC_2462DSC_2463DSC_2465DSC_2466DSC_2467DSC_2468DSC_2470