USTA Potty Break!

Jordan has really found his love for tennis lately. He ask to go play tennis on a daily basis. If it is on TV he pleads to watch and for Trey or I to sit and watch with him. He watches everything and comments on the serves, returns, misses. He is just so cute! He tells us how much he Love Tennis. So when I found him on the potty “reading” USTA magazine I was not shocked at all. He is his Daddy’s boy:) DSC_2398DSC_2403DSC_2405

Fish Hatchery

Can you say FREE FUN!!!! We all had a great time learning about the fish in Branson and seeing how they immunize the fish. My gang was thrilled to have gotten to feed the fish. Man Paw Paw in MS would have had a hard time here seeing these monster fish and not being able to whip out his pole and catch one. I can’t remember the # of fish they raise and then put into Missouri lakes but it is A LOT. Next trip to Branson we will certainly bring along our poles. Trey gave the kids a quick lesson in hydroelectic power as we observed the dam too. DSC_2370DSC_2365DSC_2364DSC_2363DSC_2353DSC_2346DSC_2344DSC_2339DSC_2341DSC_2318DSC_2331DSC_2333DSC_2335DSC_2338DSC_2355

Arkansas Natural Bridge

So on our way home from our Branson trip we went off the beaten path and wiggled and wined down to an area where we could view a Natural Bridge. To get to it you went literally through a little cabin, paid your way and then went on a short trek to see a quite stunning rock formation. We went past it and found a ledge that we were able to get under to stay dry. The big boys walked further on and found a few caves. If it hadn’t been pouring down we would have had an awesome hiking adventure. We all needed to stretch our legs but getting soaking wet and muddy was not what I wanted to be or have riding home in my clean car! The gate keeper said that the land was for sale and all on it which excited the kids greatly:0 They all had plans on who would man the gate/cabin and take the money and how they would camp there and go rock climbing. We are so glad we decided to check it out. The kids all got arrow heads as their remembrance of the Natural Bridge. DSC_2377DSC_2381DSC_2383DSC_2378DSC_2392DSC_2396DSC_2386DSC_2387DSC_2389DSC_2394Cool stop!!

Joe’s Playground

Here are just a few shots at a little island theme playground in down town Branson. This was a great break for the children as we walked along shopping. I could have stayed way longer there were so many neat little stores to wander into. Oh, and yes Joseph did climb over the netting and onto the lighthouse and was assessing the situation to climb into the bucket with the Pelican. He totally would have done it too if we would have let him. As it was there were WAY Too many other parents observing our adventure boy and telling their children “no you can’t do that, you’ll fall” as we cheered our boy saying “Wow! Awesome Joseph you’re really high!” It’s safe to say they all hated us or just thought we were just weird bad parents. Trey and I thought it was great:)


Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri was a blast! This was the kids first time to ride a roller coaster!  It is all about the family and the rides, staff, atmosphere are wonderful. We did a two day pass curtesy of Trey’s parents.  This was a momentous family vacation we will never forget!!!DSC_2279DSC_2283DSC_2284DSC_2292DSC_2296DSC_2297DSC_2303DSC_2304DSC_2306DSC_2307DSC_2308

Condo caos

We all loved staying at Mamaw and PawPaw’s Branson condo. It was so large and nice to fit us all extremely comfortably. I don’t remember when the boys did this, but at some point they built a bridge/obstacle course for their cars and played it over and over and over. The kids love staying at hotels or condos where the couches turn into beds it is the highlight of trips and so we had two couches that turned into beds for them and they especially enjoyed being able to lay in bed and watch TV just like the adults!DSC_2178DSC_2180DSC_2181DSC_2310DSC_2311DSC_2312

Chinese Acrobats!!!

We went to see the Chinese acrobats in The New Shaghai Circus. I can only say AMAZING!!! We were in awe of their skill and flexibility. They are wonderful athletes. The most incredible for me was the 16 year old ballerina that was hoisted high above the ground bending and twisting keeping her balance and changing directions all on one arm. My kiddos loved every moment of it. We also enjoyed the boys diving through the rings of various sizes and in various positions! It is something you must see for yourself!DSC_2254DSC_2255DSC_2256DSC_2258DSC_2260DSC_2261DSC_2262DSC_2265DSC_2266DSC_2267DSC_2268DSC_2269DSC_2270DSC_2271DSC_2272DSC_2273DSC_2274DSC_2275


Not only did we putt putt but Trey, his Dad, Elijah and I played 18 holes of golf on the course along the condo. It was a beautiful course and we had so much fun. Trey did fantastic for not playing in atleast 8 months and I can’t remember the last time I played.  I got plenty of pitching wedge practice getting out of the ruff and sand traps but no worries I had fun doing it and Trey was a great coach might I ad. Elijah had a sweet attitude the whole time and was a joy to be with. He can really hit the ball quite well. Trey’s Dad did real good as well, it was truely a great round of golf  for all of us!  I needed to be stronger on the puttin but I must ad that all of the guys had had gobs of putting practice the night before as I did not play any putt putt due to being the photographer:)DSC_2248DSC_2249DSC_2250DSC_2251DSC_2253