Orange Beach


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         DSC_1515DSC_1524DSC_1530DSC_1534DSC_1535DSC_1539DSC_1548DSC_1555DSC_1557DSC_1561DSC_1567DSC_1588DSC_1589DSC_1591DSC_1595DSC_1597DSC_1598DSC_1599DSC_1602DSC_1605DSC_1618 Orange Beach was a quick trip on our way to MS for a weeks vacation/work. Trey would be working the next week at the corporate office and I was scheduled to work two days with a former hygiene alumni and dentist. Trey was in Memphis on Friday and couldn’t come to MS till late Sunday, so the kiddos and I drove Friday morning to enjoy the beach. We had anticipated pretty blue water and white sand due to the pictures I had seen but on our arrival there was no blue water which made Momma very blue. The locals said it had been pretty 3 days earlier but was all stirred up so therefore it looked the same as our MS water but with waves. After a bit of crying on my part we determined to enjoy what we had and did indeed have a fun time in the sand and waves. We stayed on the beach till nearly dark and then found a hotel, got take out and went back to room for dinner, baths and bed. We awoke early and Momma made many trips to the hotel breakfast buffet taking food back to her hungry gang. We all ate in the room and then off  to the the beach once more. We stayed a few hours and then back to the hotel so we could have time in the pool before we had to pack up and check out. We ate lunch in Foley, AL and then hit the road toward MS, Grammy and Paw Paw.  Our beach time was short but we packed a lot in. They all just had a blast, so glad we went ahead and went for it. We definitely want to go to the beach again but this time with Daddy and perhaps we will find our blue/green water together.

Acrobat Boy!!

Joseph sure can get some air! He had so much fun showing me all his cool moves twisting and flipping.  You should see him on the trampeline; he soars!! Oh, and check out his new hair. He wanted it this way, picked it out of the styles book and he especially likes it when we put “product” on to make it look like a faux hawk/messy top. 

Movie Night

The other night we all enjoyed family movie night with Bedtime Stories. Our kids just love for us all to be together on the floor or couch watching a new show. Even Lulu and Gigi joined in on the togetherness. Elijah thought he was so funny wearing his footsie pj’s. And Mary was just too cool sporting her Daddy’s Carolina hat.DSC_1456DSC_1457DSC_1458DSC_1460DSC_1461DSC_1465DSC_1466DSC_1470DSC_1471



So a few days ago the boys found and lost Fred the turtle. On the great search for him they found these long jumpers!! They were trilled with their find! Okay, a turtle one day and frogs the next; just as long as they don’t come home with the armless, legless slithering kind! I wonder if this is going to be our Steve Irwin summer adventure?