Cool tees. Get one.

Wild Olive TeesCheck out these wonderful tees! They are really nice inspirational tees and for wonderful causes. Especially check out No Hands But Ours to learn more about SN China adoptions.

Fairwell Fred

Our boys found this incredible turtle in our front flower bed and called him ‘Fred’.  They wanted to keep him as a pet but while the boys were playing ball in the front yard Fred silently wandered off. They were so sad to have lost him and vow to continue their search for him.



DSC_1312The boys had been hinting that they wanted to due something awesome on the last day of school, something to celebrate but they didn’t know what. Well, Mommy made secret plans and bought a 3 lane Slip-N-Slide, made brownies, had 3 chips, cookies, bubble gum, drink pouches, mini sprite sodas, balloons and Popsicles all ready in the front yard when they got off the school bus!! They were so thrilled. They couldn’t believe it. They quickly changed into suits and a few neighbor kids joined in on the fun. I was expecting more to come but it was a gloomy/rainy day with grey skies, so many of the children were kept safely inside (unlike the Garrett kids).  Tornado weather. . . awe go run on the slip-n-slide you’re gonna get wet either way and the wind will make you slide farther!  They loved it and it jump started the summer vacation with enthusiasm.  DSC_1315DSC_1237DSC_1245DSC_1248DSC_1249DSC_1256DSC_1259DSC_1264DSC_1267DSC_1268DSC_1270DSC_1273DSC_1275DSC_1279DSC_1290DSC_1291DSC_1304DSC_1308DSC_1309DSC_1310DSC_1311

Beds Optional

I often look back when we had our home study done and how we had to show ‘proof’ that we had beds for all the children to sleep in. We have 4 twins, 1 queen, 1 queen futon and 1 king bed in our home and it is a rarety that you actually ever find children in their assigned beds. Well, Mary is the only child that does sleep in her bed, be it always side ways.  I am considering getting her a toddler bed to give more room space and provide a more cozy sleep. We typically have boys on pallets, on couches, sleeping with each other, in sleeping bags in ‘forts’ they’ve created in their rooms.  Honestly, beds are optional in our home. DSC_1330DSC_1343DSC_1335DSC_1341DSC_1329DSC_1338DSC_1328DSC_1322DSC_1332DSC_1333DSC_1351DSC_1352

Waterpump Man

I love this man! Thank you to my hard working husband  fo ALL he does in caring for me including taking off and installing a new waterpump for my JEEP.  Driving the yellow Jeep around town is one of our families simple yet lookforward to events during good weather. It was not running great this Spring so we didn’t get it out much, besides it rained way too often anyways.  He also went down and purchased its new tag so we are officially legal to be on the road.  He also renewed all the other vehicles tags and got my oil changed along with paying all the bills and mortgage this past week.  He works so hard in his  career job and odd jobs and everthing he does. He’s my ultimate friend and companion.  I’m so thankful for his diligent  busy tender working hands. Most of the time with clean nails buy sometimes with a little grease underneath.




Driveway T-ball

Just some shots of Joseph hitting the ball. He was getting defeated trying to throw the ball up for himself and then Daddy pulled out the ole T stand which greatly delighted our little man!


Kindergarten Awards Program

 Joseph had his Awards Program in his classroom this afternoon. The kids read in groups different little stories. They did a great job and it was play quality with all their expressions and funny voices they gave thier characters. Joseph’s group read The Gingerbread Man. After the readings there was a sweet slide show that Mrs. Smith put together. Thank you Mrs. Smith, loved it!! It started off with each childs 1st day of school photo and then flipped to an end of year one. It was amazing just how much some of them had changed and matured! Next came photos of the class all year long on field trips, class events, performances. Last were baby photos of each and the children had a great time calling out who it was. There were some really adorable baby photos.  Following the slide show Mrs. Smith handed out the Kindergarten Certificates and then they had the celebration snacks for the kids with summer birthdays.  I can’t believe our Joseph will be a First grader next year. Oh, growing up so fast in fact on the way home he said he couldn’t wait to get home and “put on some smooth date cloths!”. Say What!!! He then informed me he was going over to an older DSC_1226DSC_1227DSC_1228DSC_1230(8yrs) boys house in our neighborhood and that that little boy was gonna get him already and teach him how to get a date since the other boy had lots of girls that like him. I asked Joseph what was the boy going to do to get him ready and he said the boy was going to fix his hair nice and put black makeup on his face to look like scars and bruises because that’s what girls like. They like “manley men with bruises”. Oh Joseph you are too funny my boy!:)

Lunch Nap

This is what happens when the little ones wake up at 6:15 with the big boys and then lunch runs late. Actually Jordan didn’t like what we were eating for lunch this day so he sat and sat and sat till he just fell asleep on the bench. The smiley face is what he looks likes after DSC_1218DSC_1219DSC_1220DSC_1221

“Gotta Be Jazz”

Morgan and the Harmony Hornets had their Spring performance last night. It was Celebrate Jazz Classics: America’s Music. They sang Gotta Be Jazz, Basin Street Blues, My Favorite Things, Route 66, It Don’t Mean a Thing and Birdland. Afterwards they had a small reception and DSC_1169DSC_1167DSC_1172DSC_1175DSC_1180DSC_1182DSC_1189DSC_1203DSC_1210recieved their certificates. They gave Mrs. Dunham flowers and gift certificates for all her goodness.