Danger Interrupted

Angels work over time at our house.  I was fixing dinner when the thought of electrocution overwhelmed me.  The thought came suddenly and  so strong. I was silent and could hear the faint sound of my blow dryer.  No!!!! I screamed this frightening scream and ran to my bathroom where Joseph was in the bath tub and Mary was standing next to the tub holding the running blowdryer!!!! In one rapid motion I pulled the cord out of the wall and out of Mary’s hand.  I screamed, “No! Danger! Danger!” and then swiftly and severely went over safety precautions around the tub or pool or anything dealing with electrical cords and water. Poor Joseph was crying in the tub because my scream scared him, Mary was crying for being yelled at, Jordan was greatly concerned over the whole incident and I was crying thinking of the “What If’s”. Oh, what a moment it was.  So now that my heart is beating at its proper rather slow rate I cry with thankful tears that once again God has allowed us more time with our precious children. Thank you Lord for Your protection over all of our little ones.

Purple Passion Suprise!

Dessert last night was a super suprise for our purple loving Jordan. Trey made a lemon cake which we then added purple food coloring to the batter and frosting for a fantastic purple treat.  It was a Big hit with the kids! We now have four other request for particular colored cakes:) dsc_0903dsc_0905dsc_0906dsc_0907dsc_0908

Stocking Fun!


Mary and Jordan had a great tumbling time the other day. Mary put her stockings on first that were more like a body suit and then added the jacket which made for a cute tumbling outfit. Of course Jordan could not be left out so we made a stocking exchange and he later put on his jacket and they jumped, rolled, flipped and danced all morning.


We send our love to all our friends and family as we celebrate Passover and Easter. We hope you all have a fun filled weekend and a blessed time. This will be Mary’s first Easter with us so it will be interesting to see her reaction to all the festivities. This Saturday we have an egg hunt with our church, pictures with the Easter Bunny and crafts at Bass Pro Shop, watching a bike race, Elijah’s baseball game, preparing Hot Crossed buns for Sunday and dying eggs. Whew!! easter-card-3

Same Rooms New Look!!

Spring brings cleaning and rearranging and Joseph and Jordan and Morgan and Mary all have a new layout. I did some touch up painting in Morgan and Mary’s room after spackling some spots. It looks brand new and fresh now.  No painting needed in the little boys room they just have their beds and toys repositioned and we added the plastic bins to move Jordan’s cloths up stairs instead of in the kitchen buffet. They are at a great height for him to get his cloths to dress himself and they are colorful and easily mobile. All the kids love the new set up and vow to keep their rooms tidy (we’ll see).