“Where’s my sister?”

So lately I have been having these sincere request and conversations with Mary about her needing a sister. This is her request, not mine. Her plead goes something like this:

Mary: “Mommy when are the girls coming to my house?”

Me: “What girls?”

Mary: “My sisters, I need girls. Girls are nice to me and they play with me.”

Me: “Jordan plays with you, Morgan plays with you.”

Mary: “No, I don’t like da boys. They no play nice to me.”

Me: “Hmmm.”

Mary: “I need a glla (girl) gigi (baby), I be nice be good to gigi.”

Me: “Well maybe we could get a boy baby?” I say this to see if she just wants any baby.

Mary: (with fallen face) “No, I don’t want boys I need gllas, gllas nicee!!”

So one day she caught me looking at children from an orphanage in Thailand and she scurried into my lap and was overwhelmed and just so excited with all the pictures of little girls. There were so many and she kept pointing to this one and that one saying “I want that sister, I want that girl, oh I need that girl, Mommy can we get 2 girls, oh Mommy!”. It was really so sweet and so heart tugging. The Thai people are stunning and I could understand her desire to have a sweet little girl from there. We kept scrolling through the photos and I would enlarge the ones she picked out and we would talk all about the new little girl  or group of girls in the photo each time.  She said, “They no have a Mommy a Daddy they cry,cry,cry!” . “They so sad they cry they need Mommy.” I asked her if she cried when she didn’t have a Mommy and without taking her eyes off the screen shook her head ‘yes’ and hugged my arm so tight and said “I like my Mommy”.  Whew, what a deep conversation. Why was I so upset with her earlier today? Hmmm.

One thought on ““Where’s my sister?”

  1. That is so touching that she wants a sister and heartbreaking that she remembers life without a mother. My second son ever so sweetly pointed out to me the other day that we have 6 people in our family, but there are 7 seats in the van…I asked if he wanted another brother or sister. I got a very certain, yes!


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