Yesterday was a blurr! Trey flew to Florida on Monday so Tuesday I was on my own getting kiddos #1,2,3 ready and onto school bus. I got myself and kid #4,5 dressed as well and items in backpacks to go to pre-school. Out door by 7am and off to pre-school, drop off and on to dental office. Worked 8 to 4 with only 15min. snack break. Picked up #4&5 and onto friend house to get #2 & 3. Friend had taken kid #1 to church for choir I coordinated with another friend to bring #1 home from church . Got #2 and 3 and went to house to get #2’s piano books and snacks for #3,4,5 and off to piano lessons with #2,3,4,5.  Played outside on swing with #4,5 while #3 slept in car. After lessons swung through ATM for $$ then to pick up pizzas for supper. Picked up kid #1 from different friends house who picked him up from church. Home with all 5 eating pizza and catching up on days events. 5 baths/showers. Helped #1 with homework. 5 bed time routines/prayers this took atleast 45min.  Cleaned up pizza boxes. Locked up. Lights out. Completely unconscious when Trey came in after 11p.m.  Whew!! So blessed to not have to do this everyday. It really pulls at my heart to know there are sooo many single parents out there that do this and more all the time with no relief , break coming home. We are very fortunate.

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!

We have been especially busy here lately. Trey has been traveling a bit and we are in full gear with the three older ones all playing Upwards basketball practice on Monday and then Saturday games. Elijah still does church kids worship practice on Tuesday and Morgan starts piano next week and Elijah will start guitar also. We had registration for Elijah’s baseball to start in March and Joseph will start soccer.  Mary and Jordan and I visited Mrs. Kristie’s Pre-school for 3 and 4 year old last week. It is incredible, they teach the ABEKA program and the teachers are a  mother-daughter team that goes to our church, Mrs. Kristie and Nana. All the kids just love them to death and they learn sooo much there. I have been running resumes all over Birmingham and researching on-line dental jobs as well. This week I’ll be delivering resumes in Columbiana, Pelham and Alabaster. Mrs. Kristie is holding 2 spots for me to bring them as soon as I get a job which is unheard of.  We had a huge back deck extention and new stairs too, we fenced the back underneath the deck and put up the tin underneath the new deck so that the underneath will stay dry. We have all the remaining material to finish Elijah’s office now.  We have started LifeGroup again every Sunday night at our house too.  We have also been taking turns being sick, sometimes more than one at a time which is exhausting. I had my vein closure procedure done on both legs and have one more week of wearing surgical stockings. Hopefully it will take care of those bulging painful veins of mine. They were from having all these babies and not only are they not so pretty but really hurt daily. Hmmm let me think. . . oh yeah, Trey does Discipleship with the 3 older boys on Monday mornings, taking them for breakfast and then to school. He does really cool Bible stories/lessons and has them memorize scripture. Right now they are doing Heroes of the Bible. They love this time with their Daddy and love how he acts out the scripture for them. Both Trey and I then attend separate Discipleship groups on Wed. mornings. Also Joseph is now a Big 6 year old! He had his Ironman spend the night party this last Saturday night.  I think that’s all. Lots and lots of laundry and dishes added to all of the above and you can see how busy we have been. I just got my computer back this week and it is not letting me look at pictures from my flash card, so no new pictures for now. It was running extremely slow and I couldn’t check my email and it was full of junk, so we had the junk cleaned out and filters and safeguards added. I hope you like the new theme, I do.