Happy Thanksgiving!

dsc_50281dsc_50251                                                Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We hope you are well and with friends or loved ones and for the ones who are over seas that they too will have a blessed day with the ones they are with and we wish for them to come home safe and soon. We had Thanksgiving Feast at our home this year. I would say alone ,but with 5 kids a mama and daddy we aren’t truely alone. Trey took our turkey across the street and he and our neighbor fried 4 or 5 turkeys. After our feast Joseph, jordan, Mary and Trey took their naps. Ellijah and Morgan took the pups for a long walk a I cleaned up the table and kitchen and then got things ready for them to make their “Wish List”.  I have the kids cut out pictures from sales adds of what they want and paste to their Wish List page. I started it last year and the kids really enjoy doing this and it is so helpful for the little ones to just look at a picture and point to what they want to buy their brother. We try to set a $25 limit, but if we know someones gift only cost $8 then we can give a bit more on some one elses. All of our sleepy heads should be getting up soon and then we are off to the movies. Not sure if we’ll do the newly released show like Bolt or Madagascar II or the $1 show and see Wall-E. Morgan is the only one of us that has seen WALL -E, so I’m hoping we can just see that or it’ll be a near $70.00 movie trip for our large family, YIKES!!! It has been a very relaxed day and that is enough to be thankful for.  Here are a few Thanksgiving pictures from today and some of Joseph at his class party.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            dsc_5029dsc_5030dsc_5034dsc_5035dsc_5043dsc_5040dsc_5041dsc_5042 


dsc_4957Just wanted to give a Mary update. She is doing well with her English. She says a little more each day. She is still having trouble remembering the boys’ names which is confusing to us because in Poland she would say them immediatly when we would point them out in her photo album. I took her to see a childrens physical therapist last week and she gave us instructions on some exercises we can do with her to build strength and help her posture. Our friend Shari went with us who is also a therapist and who has given Mary hour long massages. When Shari and Russ came to dinner one night Mary went up to Shari holding her leg and said boo boo so Shari massaged her deeply that night. She enjoys family prayers, the puppies, chips, cereal, play-do, our little friend Anna age 5 and singing and dancing with Jordan. She fell down the front house steps in her high heal Cinderella shoes and landed on her nose/head. She has trouble getting her arms out to brace her fall, so Trey had “Falling 101” class with her on our bed to teach her to protect her head when she falls. She had a skinned up nose and I am sooo happy I had already gotten her and Jordan’s Christmas pictures taken. I decided to split up the kids for photos because it is crazy trying to get 5 nice joyful smiles at one time. Trey took some pictures of me and the kids the other night in his office and I am not exaggerating at all, he took 17 shots and none, not one is print worthy. There is someone in every photo that is looking away, or closed eyes, too large open mouth, tongue hanging out, older brother squeezing younger brothers neck, boy flashing gangster sign, crying, pouty face, angry face, slouching, blank stare, talking, bored, smaller kid covering up older kid behind them, looking at ceiling, looking at ground, looking out window, droopy eyes, hands in face, hands in someonelses face, kid falling off Mommy’s lap, and the ever so common are we done yet face. So, that is why I split the gang up for photo taking!!! Here are some Mary photos, enjoy!dsc_5000dsc_5003dsc_5004dsc_5006

Two more GIRLs!!!

dsc_4863dsc_4904I was going to title this post “One flew over the koo-koo’s nest and her name was Stephanie” but that was a bit too long. As if we didn’t already have a very full and active house I willingly and deliberately sought after and picked up not just ONE puppy, but TWO. We have been waiting and talking about and thinking of getting a new dog since our beloved Belle past away. We kept telling the boys after Mary comes home so it will be her dog too. Really, I was fine not having a pet, but Trey longed for one as much as the boys. We were going to get an English Springer Spaniel, but I couldn’t find one with the markings I liked. Trey heard about and saw the Vizsla on an ESPN interview segment so we checked the PetFind sight and there was a breeder just a little north of us who had one 15 week old girl available. I arranged to meet her in Trussville and picked up our first puppy-Lulu! I took Mary and Jordan to Zaxby’s for lunch where I called the second dog owners and got directions to look at their puppies. They had two 8week old little girls left for me to choose from. It didn’t take me long to pick our Gigi which is Polish for Baby. Oh, Gigi is a Beagle. She is from the small 13 inch breed. So now we  have two puppies chewing on anything and everything left on the floor, you can’t take your eye off them, working on house breaking them, training them to go to their kennel, getting up at 3 or 4 a.m. to take them out to potty. It’s exhausting! They are really sweet girls though and Lulu is soo smart and  Gigi is just a ditsy lovey puppy, but she is much younger so she’ll come around. The boys went nuts over the Beagle they just have an affection for them due to the book Shiloh and so many movies with Beagles as the lead character. We tell them Gigi is the kids dog and Lulu Mom and Dad’s dog. Lulu is great and just the biggest lap puppy, she would love for you to just hold her all day. They are a lot of work right now but so worth it.  We have already had some funny moments with them and I know we will have so many more. A couple of nights before I went to get the puppies I had dreams all night about Belle. The dreams were like watching a movie of Belle and all the times we had with her.  We got Belle the spring after we were married so we had had her 12 years. She had been with us when every child was born and she was just the sweetest dog, but so protective toward the boys and us. She would sit in the yard where ever they were playing and just keep watch and would gently nudge our babies and let them crawl and pull on her and would just get up and walk away when she’d had enough. When we moved here and the boys started riding the bus she would walk them across the rode and then sit and watch them get on the bus and she would not come in till the bus made the turn and drove back down the street.  We called her our Nana. I really miss her and thinking about getting new puppies made me miss her more.  Getting these puppies isn’t just a fun thing to do for the kids but a life changing and life time commitment. We will have them when the kids go off to college and are in high school! Oh boy what have we done?! There is definately not one dull moment at our house. dsc_4903dsc_4895dsc_4894dsc_4890dsc_4891dsc_4889dsc_4886dsc_4855dsc_48651 So now you not only will see kid photos but puppy and puppy with kid photos.

Cheese Please!

Cheese, cheese and more cheese, that’s all Jordan and Mary have asked for these last few days. They love grilled cheese sandwiches, cheetos, cheese Doritos, cheese and crackers, cheezits. They are becoming good pals. Last night Jordan was just walking or swaying around the couch and Mary was right behind him swaying in motion too. She just follows him around everywhere. They play really well together until he is riding on his pre-school style scooter and she wants it, or he wants her new phone even though he has his own. For naps they are in the same room different beds but Jordan always ask to sleep with Mary. We tried it once and they were in and out and up and down the stairs for an hour, so now they must stay in their own beds. Jordan gets really excited when Mary says something in English and he gives her huge kisses(big hard kisses that she squirms from) says “Good Mary you’re talking!!” Jordan loves to sing and dance and so daily he request Elijah’s dsc_46901dsc_4691dsc_4692dsc_4836dsc_4838dsc_4840dsc_4841dsc_4842dsc_46951dsc_4696CD with songs we do at church during the children’s time. It’s great, he is just 3yrs old and he knows most all the words and motions to the songs by watching Elijah and Morgan. Elijah is incredibly patient with him and encourages Jordan to learn the moves. Jordan absolutely adores Elijah so he pays close attention. Anyways, Mary has begun to dance along with Jordan and she even sang along in English one phrase “We will not be quiet!” and I have it video taped on my small camera!!! Yeah! I couldn’t wait to show Trey it was so cool.  We are adapting well, but she still isn’t as open to Elijah and Morgan as she is with Jordan. She is 50/50 with Joseph. It is hard on the older boys because they both sacrificed a lot in our preparation to get her and us being gone so long and also because they just love her so much but she won’t reciprocate that love and pushes them away or turns her head away from them ignoring them. She’ll whine if they try talking to her or just be near her. She even stuck her tongue out at Morgan and gave him a nasty look which I caught and reprimanded her for. “No mam, you be nice. Morgan loves you. You love Morgan.” I said. I hurt for them and I certainly won’t allow her to be nasty to them. I’m not asking or expecting her to climb in their laps and hug and kiss and be best pals right now, but being down right rude, ugly is not allowed. Yes, she is adopted but she is not my “adopted daughter” she’s my daughter and so she’ll be held at the same level as the boys when it comes to showing kindness to one another.  Here are some fun pictures of Mary and Jordan with their cheese lunch, swimming in the tub and just laying around watching Backyardigans. All of these pictures really portray thier time together.

Fall Festival

dsc_47911 Friday we took the kids to a Fall Festival at my Aunt and Uncle’s church on the Coast. The big boys were torn whether to dress up or not. In the end they decided not. Grammy gave Joseph a new Ironman suit, Jordan wore Joseph’s black Spiderman suit and Mary the Chicken Little coat that Jordan wore last year. I went back and forth over buying her a fairy or princess dress or something, but decided that this was probably the only time she wouldn’t or couldn’t argue with me over her costume. I’m sure next year and years to come she will have plenty of say over her wardrobe.dsc_47741dsc_4775dsc_4778dsc_4779dsc_4788dsc_4790dsc_4791dsc_4792dsc_4794dsc_4795dsc_4797dsc_4798wardrobe.