Lazy Day

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Future Flower Girl

Future Flower Girl

I don't know

I don

New Hat

New Hat

Today was damp, cold, raining so we took the morning and just stayed put. Mary played with her dolls and stroller for quite a while and I watched yesterday and Tuesday of Live with Regis and Kelly. I wish they would show the whole show and not just the Regis and Kelly first part of the show. I love it but I want to see the interviews too.  I checked out some ebay things, just looking around. Oh, what’s up with the $2.49 gas in America?? When did that happen? We left when it was $4.00.  I did some laundry and ironing what had dried. I’ll do one more load tonight so it’ll be dry by Saturday in hopes we will still be flying back that day. We go tomorrow morning around 9a.m to the Ministry to try to get the passport. Our contact here is pretty sure without a doubt that it will not be ready, but I really want to keep trying. Miracles do happen. Trey got a hold of British Air and we now have till midnight on Friday to cancell or change our tickets, so I really feel we should go ahead and show up and just be a face waiting. I’d hate to go ahead and change everthing and then just always wonder if it was ready or go to pick it up on Monday and they say, oh it was ready Friday. Mary drew a family portrait all completely by herself, she was so proud. We pointed at each character and said their names. We rolled a ball back and forth in the big room and we worked on English words she had to repeat before I rolled it back to her. When she had the ball she would think of the English words she knows and I would have to repeat and on it went. We ate lunch home and then got ready and went out. Didn’t go out till 3pm and the sun had come out and it was comfortable outside. Went to mall and searched for a few things, but no luck. Back home around 6:15 and had a light supper. We watched a few cartoons together and then she “read” her books while I read mine. Mary in bed at 8:oo and prayers and hugs and kisses. She is so ready to see Trey, she keeps telling me/confirming that he went bye bye on the plane. I tell her yes and that she and Mommy will go see him soon. Please keep praying that it will indeed be sooner than later.


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