small update

Sometimes no news is good news. Our in-country agent is working hard for us, so we will remain patient and keep praying toward this matter. Below is the info. we got today:

Hi Stephanie!
Here is my email, as promised, with only a small update for you.
***** is still working to get your bonding period, court dates, etc set.  She will be speaking to the judge, on your behalf, the first part of next week.
Hopefully I will have more information for you then.
Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

New Theme

Hey ya’ll, I’ve been playing around with the blog look. What do you think? I want more on the right hand side, just haven’t figured out how to do it yet. If you have any suggestions(step-by-step) let me know. I wanted something fresh and cheery, I like this new look so I’ll keep it for a while. Hope you enjoy it too.

Small Package #6

This weeks package to Princess was quite a bit smaller than the others I’ve sent. Due to last weeks being so large we decided to hold off and just send a small happy package this week. Trey was getting concerned we were sending too much and wondered if it was hard on the other children in the home that Princess was getting so much. I agreed and we have sent small happys for the other children as well in our last three packages. We’ve sent them all gum, glow stick bracelets and suckers. Princess has also been sharing her braceletts with the little girls. We are searching for gifts to take to all the children when we visit them. So this weeks gifts are a drawing/writing tablet, really neat crayons, two books, candy braceletts and a dozen suckers for the other children, a card too. It makes me smile knowing her little face is lighting up every week when she gets mail from “her” Daddy and Mommy.

Prayer for Judge

I got word today that our in-country agent will talk to our Judge tomorrow, August 27 and present him with a letter I wrote him concerning our “bonding time”, a letter from the foster parents and maybe a letter from the Catholic Adoption Center(in Poland) or CHI, not sure on the latter. Anyways, our agent will ask him to set our hearing date and determine the length of “bonding Time”. So we could know when we are going by the end of Wednesday or by the end of this week. Please please please pray for our Judge and his acceptance and consideration of all the letters that were written with sincerity. We pray that he looks at all the circumstances involved and he will be moved to have Princess united with her Mommy and Daddy without delay. Also we did recieve two pictures of her at the beach in Poland. One is of just her, the other just the back of her having a snack on the beach with the other kiddos. Sorry, I can’t share them with you now, hopefully soon. I can however tell you and show you that she looks very much like this. . . . . . Her hair has grown out since February and looks sunkissed!:)

Princess favors ME!!!

Princess favors ME!!!

Busy weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend.  Friday and Saturday I attended a dental hygiene symposium and both days were really great. I earned 12 CEU’s which I really needed. Trey took care of the boys both days and had lots of fun with them. Saturday we got rain all day from Fay and it has been on and off all day today too. We went to the Magic City Chapter Meeting LPA cookout at Oak Mountain State Park at 4pm.  We had been anticipating it for a while and are so glad it wasn’t cancelled due to the rain. We met some really awesome people and meeting a sweet 10 year old girl only made us long more to get our little girl home. Everyone was just so nice and both Trey and I are encouraged that we will have such a great group to get together with. We are so thankful for them and really appreciate them inviting us to the picnic. Thank you everyone who was there, it was great meeting you all!!!  Trey sent off another package to our sweety on Friday, yeah! No news from Poland.

Some final summer dresses

Some final summer dresses

For my sister!!

For my sister!!

3 Months and Russia?!?!

Yesterday was an exhausting day. I spent the morning drafting a formal letter to the judge we were appointed  to in Poland. We were requested by our contact in Poland to write a letter to the judge to ask him to shorten the “bonding period” length of our trip. In the letter we needed to let the judge know that if the bonding period last for 60 days we would have to spend almost 3 months in Poland with the validation period and passport and visa procedures. Say What?? 60 days, 3 months!! We were thinking shorten it from 3 weeks to 2 weeks not months!! This is the first time we’ve EVER heard or seen the bonding period to be 60 days.  This week has been so bizarre as Trey’s job has had not just minor clinches, but MAJOR trouble and he is making adjustments on sites and has had sleepless nights.  Our church is going through a growing processes and there are all these delicate situations that he has to deal with or just know about as an Elder and vision team leader and so that is emotional, spiritual and mentally draining. His truck is in the Dodge shop and it is not looking good in getting it fixed soon and of course they are saying the problems are not covered by the warranty even though we bought on the Dodge lot an added super extended warranty! It’s a Dodge warranty not some local yokel added thing! Um what else?  Just some private personal difficulties some friends and neighbors are going through.  Oh, Russia is threatening to attack Poland and the USA and Poland just signed a missile defense pact in Warsaw where the U.S. Embassy is and where we have to finish our visit to get daughters passport/visa/immigration clearance. Other than these things it’s been pretty boring around here.  No one at the agency seems alarmed by the whole USA, Poland, Russia thing which is some what alarming in itself. It’s so hard having a child in another country where you have no rights or say in anything that goes on with her. I told Trey it just feels like we are in a hostage negotiation. Really, we have no power and they call the shots and we either agree to the terms or who knows what will happen. You don’t want to upset the other side, but at the same time you want to take a strong stand of not negotiating with the hostage takers all the while you just want to do what they say so you can get your daughter sooner and without incidences.  So I wrote the letter, Trey made some arrangements to it and printed it out on our family letter head and we both signed it and then scanned and emailed it to CHI for them to email to Poland and then we also mailed the signed original to CHI. Trey also asked CHI in a separate email if there was any way for our appointed judge to seek council with another judge there that has done international adoptions.  This seems logical to us seeing that our judge has never done one, but we also don’t want to hurt his pride in suggesting he seek council. So we whole heartily ask for all your prayers as we are handed all these matters. We know God is magnificent and we will marvel at the way He leads us through all of this, but it is so draining and depressing at times, so please pray for us that we will rise above these earthly difficulties.

Happy News . . . Princess received third package and she is SO HAPPY! She sleeps with a doll she got from mom and dad and doll’s name is **** (English name!). She is very proud of the things she got from the parents, she shared bracelets with other girls and she is especially happy due to planes she got. Clothes fit ok.  

 She should have received package #4 by now or will in a few days and I am sending package #5 today because I’ll be at a dental hygiene continuing education symposium all day Friday and Saturday. Oh, all of us are going to a local LPA picnic Saturday evening which we have been looking forward to for quite a while!:) We can’t wait to meet everyone and possibly meet Princess’s play group.  That’s about it . . . stay tuned.

Doll Babies

They have arrived!! I was so excited to have them I couldn’t wait to show some one so I went to my friend in the neighborhood and showed her my two new treasures. I left out no detail in how I have been searching so hard to find just the right dolls for our doll. They have vinyl heads and 3/4 arms and legs with weighted soft bodies.  I ordered new smocked dresses and pantaloons from Dolls So Real and gladly dressed them and then switched outfits and then back again until I was pleased with how they looked. So anyways I took my dollies to Rachel’s and showed her happily!! She just stood there smiling, laughing and said “Gee I’ve never seen you like this!” with which I responded “Well I hope not I have FOUR BOYS!” buying dolls for my sons would not go over well, so now I get to enjoy all this dollie fun. Once Trey looked at some of the dolls on eBay and it completely creaped him out the ones that really really look like live babies. Hopefully he won’t be creaped out by these photos of Princess’ dolls. They are so cute and I hope you can see that in the photos.  I am looking for an Asian doll too, I found two that might make it in my final decision, but I still want to search some more.  I will not take either of these to Poland, they will welcome her on her bed when she comes home. I have another much smaller Corolle doll that I need to buy cloths for and it is great for packing for the long trip. I love the weight of these dolls and they smell so nice too.  We have purchased her bed mattress and we put her bed together and I made it with her Pottery Barn quilt and we have her step stool by her bed and a window box at the end of her bed for books and toys. We are hoping that Pawpaw in MS will come for a visit soon and bring the stain that matches her bed so that we can stain the step and window box the same color.  All of her furniture came from Pawpaw’s unfinished furniture store in MS. Thank you Pawpaw!! I am working on getting some wall hangings for her room and when those are up I’ll post pretty room pictures. Things are really coming together. All we need now is our little daughter to tuck into her pretty bed next to her sweet dollies!!

1st class to Poland

Yeah, we sent package #4 this morning. I am sending them 5-10 days delivery so I really don’t know when she is getting all these happies just that she will get one every week. Today I sent an Angelina Ballerina book and cute Angelina mouse doll, very tiny. Two outfits and an extra white shirt, bathing suit, Tinkerbelle panties, bracelet and necklace, and animal crackers. Oh, also some scrapbook type photos of all of us.

Kochamy cie! We love you!

Package #3

Package #3

We're Coming!

WeSee you soon sweet girl!

Package #3 is on it’s way to Poland! We recieved an update prior to sending this package which explains the reason we sent the toy airplanes. I attached the message for you here:

****** received a package from the family. She is SO HAPPY as her foster mom said. Every clothes are in good size! BTW: there was a letter included written in good Polish! Do they have anybody who helped them to write it? Do they have any Polish friends?
*******can’t wait for mom and dad. Some time ago she heard a helicopter sound and she ran to her foster mom screaming: my mom is coming!!!. She had been told that mom and dad would come by plane and she had imagined that they would land at their yard….
She burst into tears when her foster mom explained her the situation and that she needs wait a little longer.
Regarding court: Your dossier came back from the Ministry on Thursday last week and tomorrow ***** is  going to talk to the judge. She was told it is a man and this is first international adoption case. We hope to have more good news soon.
 Can you believe that! We just cried reading that about our baby. She is so ready for us to come as we are. We got her the planes to play with and as a promise that we will indeed come to her by plane. As for the letter “written in good Polish” I did it myself from the Polish language course I’ve been studying. It’s good to know it is accurate!:)