This is a shout out to our fantastic 8 year old who is spending some awesome time in Texas with his PawPaw and Mamaw. He is having a grand time cooking and whittling soap, taking Teddy for walks, attending VBS, participating in a children’s performance, reconnecting with past school mates, being there for a big family suprise Birthday party for PawPaw, Swimming, and much much more. Mr. M is our future chef and he has had some one on one cooking time with his grandparents and is going to a diner featured on TV, perhaps even getting to meet the chef!! We all miss you very much but are so happy for you and all the memories you are making. We can’t wait to see you soon!! Big Hugs and Kisses!! We love you!!!

Some Summer Fun

Our summer is dwindling down fast and I am not looking forward to the boys going back to school. Yeah, I know that is a big shocker for all you Moms, but we really enjoy our time together and we have just been so busy this summer that time has gone by really really fast. I do think starting to school August 7  is entirely too early.  We thought we would have our little girl home for the summer for us all to get to know one another before school started back but that did not happen and now we just continue to wait till we get the word on a court date. Please pray that the judge and court does not have an extended August holiday as we have gotten word that they shut down in August and we will have to now wait till September to get a court date. We still have a few days left in July and we vigorously pray that our documents arrive back to the appropriate court and judge so that he can give us our date so we can get to travel to our sweetheart. Anyways, that’s our latest adoption news. Here are a few pictures of the boys. My big boys and their friends have enjoyed the go-cart running again and have found new ways to enjoy it as you can see. Our adventure boy made his own wake board like our friend Mr. Chris in MS and he was just so proud of it and wanted to go immediately to our friends pool to try it out. Little man is just happy as can be with a bucket of treats I received for serving in Wild Week (our VBS).

Sheer Blue

  • So we have been nesting and the dining room and kitchen are now Sheer Blue. I really love the color and most of all it is gloss paint which allows for wiping off messes on the walls. The whole downstairs was painted over in a flat paint by the previous owners and so it all needs repainted desperately.  We are checking paint samples and swatches to see what direction we want to go in painting the family room, stairs and master bedroom. The wall with the mirror on it will soon hold all the beach photos of the boys and for Princess when she joins us. I’ll move the mirror to the other wall. I hope you can see the color on here and I added just a cute boy shot of my two J’s!! I have somehow posted the photos in duplicate, but it all looks symetrical so it will stay as it is or I might delete them all and have to start all over. 🙂

Package to Poland

Package for Princess!

Package for Princess!

Well, I sent off a package to Poland today. It seems like not enough, but I will be sending a package once a week until we get to go so I need to spread things out so I’ll have enough every week. I am a little worried that all the summer cloths we have will not be appropriate by the time we get to go. Living in AL you can basically wear summer cloths all year long with just adding a light jacket or sweater every now and then, but I keep checking the weather in Poland and it is much cooler over there. I am hoping we will get word back as how the outfits fit her.  You know different brands all run so differently, so I’ve bought both 2T and 3T cloths with some 24mon. that were really big. It would be great to know which size to focus on, especially now that it looks like we will have to prepare for a different season all together. I hope she likes what we sent and that these packages will bring her joy and will carry her on till we can be with her. We love her so much and she has been our daughter in our hearts for such a long time, we just can’t wait to hold her and see her beautiful face in person.

Beach Photo Shoot

Okay, just so you know, I love to take pictures/photo shoots of the boys. I love the beach, gardens, sunflower fields or any field of wildflowers, water, waterfalls, craigs, forest, mountain views, pretty much any beautiful outdoor scenery. Occasionally I’ll get a keeper out of all the ones I take and I take many many shots. Ever try to get four boys looking in the same direction with a pleasant look on their face and stay put for more than 6 seconds? The beach is always tricky due to the itchy eyes and sandy fingers rubbing those little eyes. I was really pleased with some of these shots and thought you would enjoy them also. WARNING. . . there are 16 pictures!!

MS Pictures

Here are a few family shots of us with Grammy and PawPaw. We were in MS for 11 days  in June while Trey worked out of the corporate office and the boys and I hung out with family and friends and went to the beach and free water park and playground. We had some good cousin time while we were there and enjoyed eating FRESH seafood!! Thanks Grammy and PawPaw for letting us stay with you sooo long!!

How Do We Labor Through International Adoption?  “We have a God who delights in the impossibilities and asks ‘Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27


Well, we got word we were granted approval from the Catholic commission and our Dossier with approval was summitted so that we can get our judge and get travel dates!!! Yeah! We still do not know when we will get to go, we are just praying it will be sooner than later. In the mean time I have been nesting heavily. I painted the dining room and will likely carry it into the kitchen this week. I rearranged the little guys room and another kid room, sweeped out toy boxes and eliminated many broken ones and lots of candy wrappers and school papers. I am anxiously awaiting Princess’ quilt which should come any day. I thought I had enough cloths for her, but after reading through the “what to pack for child’ list, I’ll have too recount. The thing is I don’t want to go overboard and buy tons without knowing what size she really needs. Different brands fit so differently, so I don’t want to get them too big or too small. Our 3 year old boy can wear anything from 18 months to 4T depending on what it is. I think I’ll just take what I have and once we are with her we can get more while we are over there if we need to. Also we will likely get an apartment for the long stay, so we can do laundry whenever we need. Well, gotta run. Oh yeah, I have also planted more flowers out front and the house is so pretty. I love all the new colors. Pink, fuscia, purple, peach, white, red.

Happy 4th of July

Fourth of July was a fun day for all of us, we didn’t really do much which was a holiday for us, it was nice to not have to do so much. The night before we went to the big Kaboom fireworks show for the city and it was gorgeous!! We really enjoyed it and we all went in Mommies big yellow Jeep!!! We went over to friends of ours to swim and then shot fireworks at our house. Some other friends came over and all of our kids shot fireworks off with the Daddies. Our friend Zack spent the night with E and that’s about it.  All in all it was a memorable 4th!!