Finally Started Blog

Well hello everyone! Yeah, I finally started a blog!! I am not sure how long it will take me to figure out how to do all this blogging, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon. For now just be patience and you will soon be able to keep up with our growing, busy, energetic family. I will be using this blog to chronicle our families journey through our first adoption from the beautiful country of Poland. I hope you will check in often for updates as we are getting closer and closer to being able to go meet our precious Princess waiting for us there. We are overjoyed and just can’t wait to see her face to face. To remind you friends and family she is three and a half actually closer to four now and she is being loved by her foster family who she has been with since she was under one. We feel she is well cared for and looked after and are grateful for those caring for her. We are anxiously awaiting our Dossier’s approval by the Catholic Adoption board on June 30 which will get us closer to getting registered for our court date so that we can get travel dates to be in Poland. Whoo! We have to be in Poland and have bonding time with our little one for two weeks prior to our court date. This is a two trip country, so we will either both come home and then return to get her and go through the Embassy in Warsaw and do all that visa, passport, birth certificate,Embassy medical appointment stuff or I will stay and spend awesome mother-daughter bonding time with her and then go through all of the above and bring her home. We still do not know which way we will be taking. We will keep you all informed while we are in Poland and hopefully I’ll figure out how to load pictures so I can share snapshots of our daughter’s country.