Peter Cottontail 

After Morgan’s lacrosse game and tailgating I took Jordan, Mary, Hanson and Gayley to an afternoon egg hunt. It was designed perfectly with the fields divided into age brackets which meant little ones could take all the time they needed without being over run by big kids. It also aloud for some more challenging hunting spots for the older ones which they loved! Hanson liked meeting Peter Cottontail but Gayley wouldn’t go near him! She kept saying, “No that’s a Giant Bunny!!”

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning I was only able to get Hanson and Gayley up and out the door to go to a local egg hunt. We have gone to this particular one for years put on by a church and they always do an eggsalent job! It’s just right with bounce houses, face painting, photo booth, crafts,  the playground, waters and donuts! Of course there are loads of brightly colored eggs to pick up that take all of less than 45 seconds! Gayley is so cute picking up one and opening it and squealing in delight or examining her find oblivious to all the egg hunters swarming in around her. They had fun and we were done in no time and off to our next event for this busy Easter Saturday!

Beach Nationals

Joseph and the Loud-N-Proud All Star team placed First out of seven teams in their division at the Beach Nationals!!! This small young team has done amazing this year winning 3 all paid bids to other competitions. So proud of how quickly and how much Joseph has learned in such a short amount of time and so glad he enjoys it as much as he does! Way to go Tornados!! 

Naval Aviation Museum


img_6880Day # 4 of our Spring Break trip we scrambled to get out of the condo on time only to have housekeeping arrive before we were out. It felt like we were being evicted as we frantically gathered up and tossed out on the walk way our remaining bags, beach towels, pillows, back packs, shoes and various electronic devices praying we didn’t leave chargers and  behind! Trey had left to drive the keys back to the reality group and so we were just waiting for him to come back and pick us up. After loading our remaining stuff into car we went to a park/playground to play and picnic before we took Joseph to meet up with his team and then the rest of us went to the Naval  Aviation Museum. 

Last Beach Day


Day #3 was our last beach day. Trey ran Joseph  over to his cheering event and we stayed at the beach. I was wearing my long yoga pants over my sun burned legs and was very comfortable I must say. We did good making sure the children were all lathered up with sun block and they only had rosey glowing skin but not burned. After the beach we took a dip in the pool and then had lunch and naps. I could get used to this routine. Sleep late, breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, naps, snacks, beach or pool again then supper and bedtime! Repeat!! We have had a fabulous time in Orange Beach🍊🏖!

Orange Beach

Day #1 of our Spring Break trip we arrived at Orange Beach just as a line of storms were moving in. We had just enough time to unpack the car and let the kids get a quick dip in the pool before the storm arrived. That evening we went to dinner with The Rhea family to celebrate Barry’s Birthday at Tacky Jack’s.


Birthday Bunny

Jordan has been asking for a fox, bunny, ferret, small animals of all sorts for the past two years but this past couple months shifted gears to Holland Lops and Mini Lops. He has spent hours on YouTube learning about them, figuring out what color he wants, getting all the stats on them and searching to buy them. I too had been secretly searching as well and found several breeders in our area but none that had Lops. I finally found a lady who has a small family farm just south of Montgomery, AL and she had just the bunny for Jordan. She said she has never had one with the coloring this bunny has and her coat seems to be changing too so it will be fun to see what her fur will look like later on. The lady was planning on coming up to Birmingham for an appointment so she offered to bring the bunny and meet me to get her. It was a perfect arrangement and it gave us the element of surprising Jordan a bit early with his long awaited birthday bunny! Also the bunny cage or Rabbitat arrived the night before so everything was in place for getting the bunny the next day. To say he was suprised is an understatement, he was literally speechless! He couldn’t believe he was really seeing, holding a live bunny and she belonged to him! It was really sweet. Bunny is also super sweet and cute as can be and has gotten used to all of us and made herself at home hopping and doing running side kicks in the living room. She’s even litter trained and I seriously haven’t found one drop of poop any where in the house other than her cage. As for a name Jordan is still working on that. For now we just call her Bunny. 

Happy 12th Birthday Jordan we love you so very much!